MJ helps you live your best life!

Over the last decade, Malcolm “MJ” has touched an audience of over 20 million people with inspiration, aspiration and daily reminders that you deserve to live your best life! MJ is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, producer and lifestyle / business influencer who has been featured by Oprah, USA Today, and Black Enterprise… In addition to this, he is the CEO and founder of the National Care and OmniBay family of companies, which is one of America's largest independently owned financial services firms. MJ’s rise began 13 years ago when he started creating empowering and aspirational digital content about lessons learned from his path of achieving success after overcoming a childhood surrounded by abuse and addiction. Through his videos, online courses, and live events, he created a loyal global fanbase and quickly became a powerhouse in the self-improvement industry.Today, MJ along with his “nephew-sons” Marco and DJ, continues to share his life and messages with his global audience, inspiring them to live their best lives and be their best selves!