This Smells Like Love and Easy Living ❤️ | MJ's Malibu Scent Story

This scent brings peace and pure bliss to your home through its aroma. Crisp like the ocean breeze, the notes of citrus create a laid-back yet uplifting atmosphere of your Malibu dreams. 

This Smells Like MONEY! | MJ's Beverly Hills Scent Story

This scent is a daily reminder of luxury, care-free living with overflowing abundance. Beverly Hills was created with the classic and rich fragrance french vanilla, with a sprinkle of sophistication from the aroma of warm amber.

I Wish I Could Bathe In This!! | MJ's Palm Springs Scent Story

This vivacious scent is brought to life with sweet and succulent fruits, and of course a dash of spiciness to always keep things exciting. Enjoy the Palm Springs feeling of fun in the sun inside your own home.

The California Collection